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updated: 05.11.2021

Welcome to my blog on astrophysical spectroscopy. All spectra are taken with the Baader DADOS or BACHES Spectrograph and are presented with some background on the observed objects as well as an insight into the involved physics. This page is a translation from german. I just started with this project, hence I kindly request some patience. Nonetheless, if you want to get more insight into the topics, even if you do not understand german, please feel free to click in the above links which will guide you to the german pages.

October 2021 - Ring Nebula "scanned"

Just before the ring nebula leages the autumn sky, I took the decision to make a "scan" of it. It is quiet interesting to observe the different lines appearing and disappearing depending on the position of the slit. Unfortunately there is still some difficulties in resolution and appearance which I try to solve soon.

August 2021 - SS Cyg, a Dwarf Nova

In contrast to classical Novae, powered by thermonuclear explosions on the surface of the white star, brightness changes of a dwarf nova depend on the variability of the collisional hot spot between matter of the companion star to the accretion disk around the white dwarf. Hence the observed spectroscopic features differ a lot from that of classical novae. The spectra showed above were observed with a periodicity of a few days just after an outburst of SS Cyg, which is - together with U Gem - the prototype if this class of objects.

Mai 2021 - Fe Lines! (V1405 Cas Revisited)

In mai, the nova became brighter and obviously now there are many more lines. On the other hand, He emission vanished. In th past it seemed, V1405 Cas belonged to the rare "He/N"-nova subtype (brightest non-balmer type line He or N). However the narrow profiles of the emission lines as well as the typical P-Cygni Lineprofiles were contraindicatory. But ... hey ... is this Fe II Lines appearing? Looks like the type of the nova is changing to Fe II Type.

March 2021 - Nova Cas 2021 (V1405 Cas)

Nova Cassiopeiae 2021 - Finally - an easy .. since luminous - nova! End of March we captured a spectrum with our recently commissioned observatory in spain. Impressively observed: the P Cygni profile as can be recognized often, especially at the beginning. High velocity material exhausted by the nova leads to a blueshifted absorption line close to each emission line.

January 2021 - Done ... We are online!

Here we go! After a quiet a long preparation, our remote telescope finally arrived in Spain. Due to the Corona pandemic in a different way than originally planed by courier service. The integrity of the Schmidt-plate. bedingt anders als urprünglich geplant, nämlich mit einem Courier-Transportdienst auf zwei Europaletten. Der Erhalt der „Integrität der Schmidtplatte“ war beim Transport meiner Ansicht nach der mit Abstand spannenste Part des langjährigen Projektes. Aber es ist alles gut gegangen und so stehen C14, TEC und DADOS Spektrograph nun als Remote Teleskop in Spanien. Nach knapp zwei Wochen besten Wetters Mitte Januar sind die ersten Beobachtungen "im Kasten".

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